Monday, February 20, 2012

New baby goats!!!!!!!!

So this is Latte, the black one is the second baby.
Grace had to blow dry the babes to keep them worm because it was windy, rainy, and cold.
This is the first one
this is the second one (my favorite)

So we had been expecting Graces goat to give birth, so she had to come home right after church because her sisters baby died, because they did not nurse so we wanted to be there for her birth. so Grace went home early and no kids:(. so we had a family over from church and we had a baby monitor in there to hear her if she was giving birth. so she was screaming and Grace was like Claire come on, Grace Claire and I went out side and guess what she was giving birth Yah!!!!! so very good birth, 2 girls. I thought that it would be 2 girls and 1 boy. we have never had 2 girls. so hear is a couple pix of them. Post a comment and tell me witch one you like better. They are not named yet.


  1. Hey Shea!
    They are both super cute! I think I like #1, but I haven't actually "met" them yet :)
    Congrats on both being girls!!!

  2. Shea I like the tan one . It reminds me of beloved Carmel Mocha. Livvy