Wednesday, August 22, 2012


  So at Marbles kids museum I had a  really good time taking pictures and hear are some pictures I really liked!!!!!

Marbles Kids Museum

                                                                    Cool Pip!!!!!!
                                                     Abigail had a really good time!!!!

GO Sam!!!!!

                                                                       Doctor Abigail


                                                               Driver Abigail

                                                            Working in the kitchen

                                               NO!!!! in the pool!!!!

                                                        Having a BLAST!!!!!!!

                                                                Doctor Pip
                                                                        Pips car
                                               Abigail having a hay day with the balls

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


  • So as you all know my goat kidded, and I asked for help naming them, Thank you all so very much for your help even thought i might not used your name, I have wrought them all down in a book and saved them so when she kids again I will use some of the names. I have been asked to tell you the name of the little goats and there names are, the little boys name is Blizzard and that is because if you go to Dary queen they have the size Blizzard so I decided that that was close enough.  the girls name is Twix even thought she dose not look like a Twix I just thought it was cute for her. so if you have any goat name them for Twixs babes PLESAE leave a comment 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Swimming in the pool.