Thursday, March 28, 2013


Hi Everyone most of yall know that mom had the baby yesterday. His Name is Jonathan Edwards Breagy i will be posting a lot of pix of him!:-)
                                          When he was first born

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


  Claire and Grace had a harp performance on Saturday and it was snowing and Stephen took a few pics of us (LOOK i am only a  LITTLE bit SHORTER then grace!!!!!!)
 In the pix Grace is yelling SHEA GET OFF THE FEANCE ITS GOING TO BRAKE!!!!!
                               Us girls
                                                        I have a snow ball and about to throw it at Stephen but I diced not to because he had the camera 
                               lol love this pix (my dream is to be as tall as Grace)


Here are a few pics of me and Stephen 

                                SO classic:-D
                                I couldn't for the life of me stop laughing for some reason

A Cute Little Sister

These are pictures of my sweet little sister Abigail

                              My Aunt gave B the orange coat for christmas and its ADORABLE on her!!!!!!

                                                    This is a older picture and all of the ones under it.