Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Memorial Day

On May 27 we went to Memorial day at the Browns Farm its Always a Blast!

Iona and Abigail LOVE each other!
Taking a little brake

 Sam and his Yummy snow cone 
My cute little Sister:)
B loves her Daddy!
Serving the food i was a Veterans girl which I will get the pic from dad and post:)

The Parade

The Winning Pie
 Me and Kaylee 
Lauren, me and Kaylee 
Jessie, Livvi, and me

The Girl Duce ride

Monday, June 17, 2013

Graduation Party

     After the Graduation we had a party we had the Muse's, Horn's, and Ruiz's, over Missed you Livvi! The little kids table
                                Me and Jb

                                Britt, Grace, and Rachel

                               One of Pips Best Friends Seth
                                                Roasting marsh mellows


                                Stephen, Stephen, and Samuel are not smiling:)

Dads Graduation

 Ok I am SO SO sorry that i have not posted on my blog in a Very LONG time we have not had good innernet so so sorry but here are pic from dads Graduation and my grandma came down for it!
                                 look at the top right and you will see dads name

                                                Dad and Me Me

                     Most of you know that  I love taking pic and so here is one that i took of Stephen.