Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Memorial Day

On May 27 we went to Memorial day at the Browns Farm its Always a Blast!

Iona and Abigail LOVE each other!
Taking a little brake

 Sam and his Yummy snow cone 
My cute little Sister:)
B loves her Daddy!
Serving the food i was a Veterans girl which I will get the pic from dad and post:)

The Parade

The Winning Pie
 Me and Kaylee 
Lauren, me and Kaylee 
Jessie, Livvi, and me

The Girl Duce ride


  1. Oh man!! You had too much fun!;) Wish I could have been there. Did you enter the pie contest? Oh, and Angie had her calf yesterday. It was a bull!!!!!!!! Jeremiah named him Brady. He's REALLY cute with lots of spots! Thanks for sharing the pics! Miss you. xoxoxox

  2. Thanks for posting these pics! I was hoping you would :) The littles are too cute!

  3. Such a great day. Had so much fun that day/night!

  4. No i did not have time to make a pie:( Thats Awesome! glad to here that he is doing well. Yah we did i was hoping that we would have gotten pics of us swimming but we didn't:(